My first yoga class ever was with Elizabeth and it was wonderful, I thought I would be intimidated and self-conscious, but found myself instead drawn in to a world where exercise has become a true mind and body experience. Elizabeth’s wisdom always seems to touch upon something I have been recently looking at or struggling with. Elizabeth has really taken the time to get to know me and my yoga strengths and weaknesses. Taking Elizabeth’s class is truly a spiritual experience and I look forward to it every week.

Sheila S

Elizabeth is a beautiful yoga teacher. She inspires self-acceptance and compassion both on your mat and off. I leave every one of her classes feeling like I’ve accomplished something either physically, emotionally or both! She is a gem in my world, and I always look forward to taking class with her.

Nina L.

Elizabeth’s warm, open energy and her dedication to truly teaching the physical and emotional spirit of yoga make her classes a truly wonderful experience. She clearly puts a great deal of thought into her classes – they flow seamlessly and provide the right amount of intensity and focus for a well-rounded practice. Elizabeth provides excellent assists and complementary music. When I started taking Elizabeth’s Vinyasa Basic class, I was unsure of my ability to even do yoga. My physical and mental abilities have grown tremendously and I attribute much of this change to Elizabeth’s teaching and spirit.

Kira G

My 1st week at Kaia was over a year ago, I took Elizabeth’s class as my 3rd class at the studio. That night I felt like a graceful ballerina connecting my breath to every movement. Words can’t describe the beauty of her class, from graceful, to beautiful, all while having the most up-to-date amazing playlist to tune in with. I think every soul deserves to have this experience; I’ve only missed a class or two since then. Her style is graceful & slow, yet she still pushes you to bring out your best. I am truly grateful to be one of her students.

Danielle P