Group classes with an immersive sound track and clear instruction. Leadership meets respect for individuality. Hands on adjustments and space for solitude. Fast paced Vinyasa Yoga that feels good and deeply relaxing Restorative experiences. Elements of sound and scent, incredible studios with welcoming communities in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY.

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A tradition passed down for generations to offer insight and perspective. Tarot can give you clarity on situations that are happening now, and sometimes a glimpse into what's possible for the future. Artists, Yogis and CEO's alike use intuitive readings and fortune tellers for support and advice. Get more information on readings and mentoring, available anywhere in the world.

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Over a decade of study and practice will support you through posture and meditation. Benefits include pain management and alleviation, stress management and reduction, better sleep, more confidence, improved range of motion and comfort in living. Aromatherapy and sound meditation enhance your experience. Your commitment is all you need to reach your goals.

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