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What is Restorative Yoga?

If I had to choose one kind of asana to be my whole physical practice, I would choose Restorative Yoga without a doubt. I think when I say this to people there are a lot of preconceived judgements that I am not into an active, sweaty and physical class. Anyone who has taken a Vinyasa […]

new moon january 2018

Tuesday offers another New Moon, a cycle beginning. This one is in Capricorn, which is the energy of a boss bitch who will get in your face if you try to resist her way. So, be steady, and be the boss this month. Set your goals and see your future, then go after it. Be […]

Endings and Beginnings

I may be a couple of days late, but it still feels like New Year’s over here (plus I’ve got the snow blowing outside of my apartment, telling me to get this out to all of you). New Year’s is a beginning, it offers us a chance to reflect, and of course to think of […]

Finding Rest

When you think of yoga, what do you think of? Down Dog probably comes to mind, chatturanga, a sweaty dark room? All of those things are part of yoga. For sure. Do you think of deep relaxation? Laying softly over pillows and blankets? That’s yoga, too. And for a lot of us, this kind of […]

a private space

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 16 years, and teaching for almost 8. I’ve taught hundreds of private yoga lessons during my time as a teacher, but I only took my first private lesson last month. I met Jonina Turzi in the Art of Attention Teacher Training I’m participating in, led by Elena Brower. Jonina taught […]