The archetypes of the Tarot deck might be mysterious to you, or perhaps old friends. Either way, this powerful tool can do much more than tell your fortune. While divination is a part of Tarot, many people use a reading to offer insight into their current circumstances, expand their psychological viewpoint or uncover patterns that may be rooted deeply in the past. Tarot readings are an incredible tool, learning to read the cards yourself and develop a personal practice is even more amazing. I am here to help you along the way and use the wisdom passed to me from my maternal lineage as well as my own passionate pursuit of understanding Tarot.

Tarot readings and mentoring sessions can be done via email or live virtually through Zoom, FaceTime or Google Meet.

Intro to Tarot Workshop

Monday January 24

8pm EST Live on Zoom

a recording will be sent to all registrants

tuition : $15

email elizabeth to register

email readings

Get an in depth reading delivered to your inbox. Take time digesting the interpretation and reflect back on it as time passes. Ask a question, provide some details of the circumstance and receive a beautiful .pdf document with photos and a reading written just for you.

$75 per single reading

$265 for a year long reading, a full document with a reading for each month

email to request

virtual live readings

A conversational reading that can lend clarity to a circumstances that feel confusing. Typically we'll meet on Zoom so you can receive a recording to listen to after our time together. This is also a great way to do coaching sessions for students of the Tarot at any level of experience looking to learn more.

$65 per 30 minute session

$115 per 60 minute session

email to request

in person readings

In person readings are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

email to request