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"Elizabeth is amazing. Easily the best restorative class I’ve ever taken, very thoughtful sequencing, incredibly relaxing and a beautifully simple space to practice in." -anonymous student review

what to expect

Virtual offerings on ZOOM give you the choice to turn your camera on or off. Turn your camera on to connect with the whole community and receive verbal adjustments.

If you have yoga props like blocks and blankets, gather them up! If you don't, no worries, you can use large books or bottles as well as blankets and towels. Restorative classes include a list of recommended props.

An hour to thirty minutes before class begins you'll receive an email with a link to the ZOOM room as well as a link to a playlist on Spotify. A Spotify membership greatly improves your experience so you can play the playlist through without commercials. Music will not be played on the other end so an alternative is to use any music you like to practice with.

Vinyasa classes will make you sweat and work in supportive and intelligent sequences designed with many thousands of hours of study and practice behind them. Restorative and Yin Yoga are designed for stress relief, they are accessible for every level as well as those working with injuries. These practices give you space for meditation, breath awareness and deep levels of healing.

Classes offered through WOOM and Tangerine Yoga require registration through these respective studios. Your support is so appreciated in any or all virtual offerings. Supporting yoga studios and teachers you care about during this quarantine is a beautiful exchange that makes us all feel good.

WOOM Center

Tuesday 7pm WOOM Rest

Wednesday 8am WOOM Flow


Sunday 12pm Flow and Restore

Elizabeth's Offerings*

Thursday 8pm Yin Yoga (75 minutes of deep stretching)

Sunday 7pm Slow Flow (60 minutes of strong movement leading to deep relaxation)

*register via email, pay what you can, details upon registration

"First real yoga class in years and Elizabeth was so welcoming and inspiring. Felt like I worked for it during flow and at the same time released a anxiety, especially with restoration." -anonymous student review