"Elizabeth is amazing. Easily the best restorative class I’ve ever taken, very thoughtful sequencing, incredibly relaxing and a beautifully simple space to practice in." -anonymous student review

what to expect

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Class pace alternates between holding postures to focus on alignment and gracefully linking postures together. This style of yoga often includes 20-30 minutes of cardio activity and plenty of sweat.

Restorative Yoga

A deeply relaxing passive style of yoga. Poses are done with lots of props for a long time. Restorative Yoga is a meditation and a highly effective way to reduce stress.

Flow + Restore

The ideal combination of active Vinyasa Yoga and calming Restorative. These classes have a longer length and encourage your body towards the Relaxation Response.

Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation is a journey inward through soundscapes. Overtone emitting instruments facilitate a unique sound experience for your own self discovery. Practice is done lying down comfortably with props and may include breathing exercises, vocalizing or seated meditation.

Dedication and Progress

Practicing consistently and working with your mind to remain present during your practice will lead to the greatest benefits. Twice weekly practice is the minimum recommendation for students who wish to progress.

Time and Touch

Arrive early to class if you have any personal needs to discuss or goals that you'd like support with. Communicate your needs so that they can be met. Hands on Adjustments really help your progression but are NEVER a required part of participating in yoga.

WOOM Center

Tuesday 9pm WOOM Rest

Wednesday 5:30pm WOOOM Yoga Experience

Thursday 12:30pm WOOM Yoga Experience

Saturday 5pm WOOM Yoga + Rest Experience


Tuesday 5:15pm Tangerine Flow

Wednesday 8pm Flow and Restore

Sunday 5pm Tangerine Flow

Sunday 6:30pm Flow and Restore

"First real yoga class in years and Elizabeth was so welcoming and inspiring. Felt like I worked for it during flow and at the same time released a anxiety, especially with restoration." -anonymous student review