reach your goals and go further

better health

Reduce stress and lower your heart rate with meditation, relaxation and breathing. Complete cardiovascular exercise with Vinyasa Flow sessions that make you sweat. Yoga has innumerable health benefits from digestion to reproduction.*

boost your mood

Present moment awareness and mood boosting breath work practiced regularly contribute to good mental health and a more positive outlook.*

say goodbye to pain

Regular practice can reshape your postural habits and reduce or eliminate tension which causes chronic pain. Get help with creating short usable sequences to empower yourself and see results.*

*talk to your doctor about any health concerns before beginning a new yoga program. Communication on this website as well as in session is not meant to replace medical advice.

Elizabeth Crisci has been our yoga instructor for more than a decade. For the past few years she has been giving us private yoga instruction in our home. Elizabeth is the real deal. My husband has back issues, and Elizabeth has made a tremendous difference in his recovery and progress. In addition to being well trained in yoga, she has a strong knowledge of human physiology. We can trust that the poses she suggests for us are grounded in that knowledge and in her years of experience. Our yoga sessions, in addition to being therapeutic, are relaxing and fun. We look forward to her visits each week. We recommend her highly.

how it works

payment and rates

$85 per hour session

$55 per thirty minute session

payment is due when your session is scheduled.

during the coronavirus epidemic I am offering a limited number of sliding scale virtual sessions each week. Please reach out if you'd like to arrange a sliding scale session.



All scheduled sessions have a 24 hour cancellation policy and can not be rescheduled after 24 hours prior to session start time. In some emergency cases this policy may be waived at my discretion.

meet online

Session rates are for virtual sessions offered on FaceTime or Zoom. If you'd like to organize a virtual yoga party with several friends on Zoom please email me to discuss rates and availability.